This advertisement was for Bike Chattanooga, a bike share program located  in Chattanooga, Tennessee in hopes to persuade locals and tourists to ride bikes by using the program.

I designed this ad for a local spa  located on Lookout Mountain.  This ad was printed in the October 2017 issue of a small, local monthly community newspaper, The Lookout Mountain Mirror where I am also a contributing journalist.  I chose a pumpkin as my main element to guide the concept behind the my fall - themed ad to bring potential  and existing customers into the spa during the fall season.  I wrote the copy for this ad as well. 

This ad was printed for Chattanooga State Community College in Chattanooga's most prominent local advertisement magazine, Local Fare. It was printed in the August 2017 issue in order to promote Chattanooga State's Nuclear Power Engineering Technology  program.  I chose the image of a nuclear power plant inside of a light bulb as a central element to convey the message of power.

This ad was for Chattanooga State Community College and was printed in the January issue of Chattanooga's most prominent  local advertisement magazine, Local Fare. My concept for this ad was to promote Chattanooga State's Division of Engineering and Information Technology by illustrating the high-tech environment this division has to offer. 

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